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FAQ Blue Mermaid Natural Beauty

We love hearing from you , Please contact me with any questions not answered here!

 What should I do to make my natural beauty  soap last longer?

Use a soap dish that drains and allows the soap to dry out between use.

 How  and  when will  my order shipped?

Most orders are shipped US Postal Service Priority Mail.  I ship within 3 days of receiving  your order. You will be notified if there are any delays. Other options are available upon request.  

Do you donate to  Non-Profit groups for fundraisers?

Absolutely. We have many groups who buy our soap for fundraisers!  Please contact me with your request.


Do you sell your soap wholesale to other stores?

Yes, we have several stores nationwide who carry our products.  Please email me for more information


Why should I buy your soap over other brands?

 We provide  a bar that lasts longer than than most companies. Blue Mermaid sells an  excellent quality product  for the prices we ask. 

Would you be willing to do a  informative or motivational presentation for a local organization? 

 Yes,  I still  speak on a regular basis for organizations. Please contact me with details at least 3 weeks in advance.